See below for what people have to say about our weekend seminars


black quotation marks -startI believe I will be continuing to benefit for some time and learning more ways that I have benefited from this blessed opportunity. Alhamdulillah, I learned so much about our Prophet SAW and his example that I did not know before. I felt closer to the community. I was reminded to reach out to others more despite fear of being misunderstood. I saw the beauty of brothers and sisters in the spirit of Ummah doing many things big and small to help each other during the ‘Portrait of a Prophet’ class. I was reminded even more of how truly beautiful and perfect this religion is and how it came to us through our beloved Prophet SAW. My love for Allah for sending His Messenger and for our Prophet SAW was deepened.


black quotation marks -startThis weekend course was amazing. I registered for it with the intention of gaining love for him SAW. I felt that it was once in my heart but was no longer really there. I must say that towards the end of the class tears were in my eyes. I felt a yearning, a closeness and a love for him that I never experienced before. I left the class feeling as though I had found a lost friend, some one that I knew about but had forgotten. I am now sure he is my very best friend without a doubt.


black quotation marks -start I think I can now somewhat understand what it’s like for someone who is blind to see without their eyes. I discovered that my imagination of what he was like never came from my mind, his presence had a place in my heart and I felt him with the words that were spoken of him. I drew him with my heart and he was closer to me than he ever was before, so much that I wanted to eat everything he ate, I wanted to love everything he loved, be everything he was and do everything he had done. I loved him in ways I thought I didn’t know how; the love was there all along, but this class just pulled it out. 


black quotation marks -start As someone who loves history, this class was phenomenal. I was engaged the entire time. I feel like the content presented in this class is incredibly important, and often overlooked in our times. Although I knew a decent amount about the life of the Prophet prior to attending, the class changed my outlook…I have developed a new love for the Prophet SAW. The way his life was presented allowed me to connect with him…It was an incredible feeling and for the first time, I’m going to go read the Seerah and learn more. The whole event had a different vibe to it than other classes… The nasheeds were pretty cool too.

black quotation marks -start A rejuvenation of my faith. There is nothing like being able to get a glimpse of the sheer beauty of our beloved.


black quotation marks -startThe most beautiful thing about the webcast is the sense of solidarity and togetherness you feel with the muslim ummah. To know there is someone in Japan or Bosnia, watching at the same time, possibly going through the same emotions is uplifting…


black quotation marks -start I absolutely recommend watching it..it’s so inspiring and eye-opening, it’s amazing getting to know so many details about the Prophet’s life, especially when there are so many prejudices and misunderstanding about his teachings.



black quotation marks -start As a non-Muslim, I had expected to feel isolated, left out, not least of which is because my knowledge is so limited. But the webcast was so amazingly inclusive and heart-touching… I learned so much, and “met” so many incredible speakers… I have relayed all of this to several friends, because if I don’t share it with them, who will? I will be donating, I promise…


black quotation marks -startTruly beautiful webcast. It has given me such insight into the Prophet’s (PBUH) true character, so many lessons to learn from his life and how he dealt with others that we can use in our life. I felt like some of the speakers were speaking directly to me, to change the issues I had been facing. Many of the speakers moved me, and the work that CelebrateMercy has been doing for Islam is something to be proud of MashaAllah.



black quotation marks -startIt softened my heart, after years of having a hard heart. I would definitely recommend to others.


black quotation marks -start I always prayed to Allah swt (God) to show me a way to become a better muslimah and a better person. I see this webcast as an answer to my prayers because I got examples about the best person, Prophet Muhammad pbuh. I gained a lot of knowledge.


black quotation marks -start It was very uplifting, importantly clarifying the meaning behind some of our religion’s most important traditions (Salat) and emotionally wrenching. The webcast was a means by which one’s heart could be grasped, attended to and cleansed


black quotation marks -start As I went to sleep and put my head on my pillow last night, accounting for what I did yesterday, I thought to myself, even though I was so unproductive in terms of work, homework, and other errands that needed to be done, Allah will surely be pleased with me spending my time for His sake in remembrance of Him and His Prophet.


black quotation marks -startAt a time when I was in my darkest moments since reverting to Islam in 2009, when I was on the edge, close to leaving Islam, this webcast has renewed my faith. It brought me back to the moment when I first said the shahadah, heart full of imaan and light. It has made me look at the Prophet (pbuh) in an entirely different way then I could have ever imagined, and I must say, I am truly in love…This webcast has changed my life!